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Nash – FDTD Mesh generation software

There is no good FDTD computations with poor quality mesh.

AxesSim offers a unique general mesh generation environment with a 3D         graphical user interface for the finite differences in time domain method.

From a triangle mesh, Nash® can generate uniform and non uniform   structured grids of orthogonal cells.

Nash® scales smoothly from little grids to very large grids (at least up to         billions elements on a classical PC)




Kawa – Knowledge Management

Capitalizing and sharing the technical knowledge of a company or a research laboratory is a major challenge.

This knowledge is heterogeneous both in nature (data, programs, spreadsheets, etc.) and in origin (each engineer generates the knowledge during his/her works).

KAWA is a comprehensive and intuitive end-to-end software, to seamlessly support and manage technical knowledge of your organization.



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